Family Christening at St Sophia’s Greek Cathedral, Moscow Road, London

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The other week my wife was godmother to her brother’s son and I was asked to take a few photos during the ceremony.  Naturally, I was happy to do so.

The service was held at St Sophia’s Greek Cathedral, Moscow Road, London.  Regular readers will know that is where I got married, as well as our children being Christened, there.

Although I know St Sophia’s very well, I always make a habit of going to venues, as things may, and do change.  In this case there were no changes, however, if you have been to the church you will know that it is a little dark in places, there, which means either a higher ISO, wider aperture, or flash.  As I am not too keen on flash it was a case of working out the settings so I was ready to go on the day itself.

I used both of my bodies, one being fitted with my favorite 50mm lens, and the other having the 24mm.  I am so used to working with prime lenses that I don’t know whether I would be able to use a zoom lens if I had to go back to one.  For me the best thing about the working with primes is that you really need to think about composition and move around, instead of just being fixed into one position and zooming in and out, in and out.

Here’s an image for you from the ceremony.  It is a simple black and white conversion.  One thing that I have noticed is that the church is never fully lit with areas brighter than others.  For example the area where the marriage/christening would take place is always quite bright.  Whereas where the seats are it is not lit well and it gets a lot of the light from the windows around it.

priest 2

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