Photoshop Tutorial : Andrei Oprinca

Hi folks, I hope that you are all well?  I am freezing here in London, UK, wondering when Spring will make its debut this year!  It is SO cold!!!

Today’s post will be a video tutorial by Andrei Oprinca, whom you may remember I blogged about not so long ago.  This is a great tutorial one which I will be trying out myself.

Some of y regular readers may have noticed that there has been a lack of new images being posted on the blog.  This is mainly to do with a number of large projects which I have been working on in the background.  I am pleased to say that they will be coming into fruition in the not to distant future. Furthermore, I am going to be shooting film a lot more – this Summer holiday will be mainly shot on film, which I am quite excited about.

Thanks for stopping by!


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