Editing images on a digital television test

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Whilst unplugging the DVD player from my TV I noticed that there was a PC input next to one of the SCART sockets, and decided to try and use the TV instead of the monitor.  I was not in possession of my calibrator, so I could not try and see if that worked, so it was just a case of plug in and go for it.  The television is a Panasonic Viera which is about 5 years of age…

Naturally, there were a few adjustments to be made, such as making sure I could see all of the desktop on the screen, but being able to see everything larger was a little more appealing. Albeit, it was a lot brighter.

Now, the purpose of this post is to ask those of you who have calibrated monitors whether you can see any obvious signs that the image which I have posted was not edited on a calibrated monitor.  This picture is of my son and was taken in my kitchen.  The editing has been done in Adobe Camera RAW, as well as PHOTOSHOP itself where I just adjusted the levels.



Let me know your thoughts and any feedback on how it looks on your display.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

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