Portfolio Work : Marc Lucero

Hello and I hope that this post reaches you well?

I am currently working on some new portfolio images and was working with Marc Lucero [website], a comedian who lives in my neighborhood.

Our plan is to put together a diverse set of images, which will include both digital and film, and mainly on location.  For this part of the portfolio build we worked in a private function room making use of the invisible black backdrop [tutorial] as well as some of the furniture available there, already.

The lighting which was used was one light, Alien Bee, with different modifiers – octabank, shoot through umbrella or grid.  All pictures taken with my Nikon D700 and a 50mm or 135mm lens.

Marc Lucero Social Media.jpg 3

Marc Luceros Social Media 2


Marc Lucero Social Media


I look forward to adding further pictures from our shoot – as you can see I do like this black background technique.  It is simple, effective, and for those who don’t know how it works it does astound them somewhat!

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