Portfolio Work : Marc Lucero

Hello and I hope that this post reaches you well? I am currently working on some new portfolio images and was working with Marc Lucero [website], a comedian who lives in my neighborhood. Our plan is to put together a diverse set of images, which will include both digital and film, and mainly on location.  […]

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Summer 2013 : On Film

Hello folks and I hope that this post finds you well on this grey and dreary day? As some of you regular readers will know I am a big fan of 35mm film.  There are loads of reasons for this, however, one of them is the imperfection, look and feel of pictures which are taken […]

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Promo Shoot : Jason Wing

Hello and I hope that this post reaches you well? I had the pleasure of working with very talented British actor, Jason Wing not so long ago. Jason is an actor / screenwriter from South West London.  His father was Cherokee and his mother British.  He  trained at the Drama Centre via a Sir Anthony […]

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Summer Family Shoot

Hi folks and I hope that you are all well? Not so long ago I was asked to do a family shoot.  I worked with this particular family on a number of previous occasions and wanted to do a location shoot this time as previously we worked indoors (actually that was more to do with […]

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Builder’s Hands

Hi folks and I hope that this post finds you well? Here is an image which I would like to share with you that I took of my builder’s hands.  As you can see these are hard working hands! I will be recording a short walk through on how I processed this image.  Until then […]

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Composite Practise

Hello and I hope that you are well? The other day I was practising some compositing techniques.  Here is one of the images I have put together using a shot of actor, Mel Mills. This particular technique is one I found in Scott Kelby’s LIGHT IT, SHOOT IT book.  I really like Scott Kelby’s books, […]

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