Stock Photography Video Tutorial : Keywording your image

Hi folks and I hope you are all well?

Here is the second part to my video tutorial on how to take a stock image through the various processes before uploading it to an agency.

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One of my latest stock images

Hi folks and I hope that this post reaches you well?

This image is one from a series that I took for stock.  The one which will be submitted to the agency is in colour, however, for this post I decided that I wanted it in black and white.  The image was taken with a Nikon D700, bounced flash and processed through lightroom only.  I adjusted the sharpness, used the punch preset, and desaturated the image.


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My stock image makes front page of COOLTURA Magazine

Hi and I hope that this post reaches you all well?

The other day I was walking past a shop that had a number of free magazines outside and having glanced at one of them I noted one of the images looked familiar!  I took a closer look at the front cover and lo and behold it was one of my stock images!

The magazine is called COOLTURA and is a free weekly Polish magazine that is distributed throughout London and on line.

Here’s the front cover with my image of a Victorian looking gentleman.

front cover

If you are interested in contributing to Microstock I would heartily recommend Shutterstock [click here].  You would have to get through an initial 10 image submission and once accepted you will be able to submit to your heart’s content!

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Fully recovered and back to business!

Hi folks and I hope that this post finds you well?  Not long to go before Christmas and bringing in the New Year.  Wow! Where has this year gone? Seems as the years go by Christmas comes faster and faster.  So how has your year been?

For those of you who know me will be aware that I have been sick for some time, and therefore unable to blog.  But I am back and fully recovered.

Naturally, not much photography has taken place, however, I did have a chance to upload a number of images for stock, as well as put together a to do list of actions that need to be completed prior to the end of the year, especially in relation to my personal project.

Prior to going off sick, I had the chance to shoot my Holga, again.  This time I loaded it with red scale Lomography film.  Now, here is the lesson that I have learnt….  Always to place a little sticker with the type of film in the camera!

When the time came to use it I knew this camera was loaded, however, did not know what type of film it was when I used it.  About a month ago my neighbour was getting married and I asked to take a few shots of him before he left for the church.  Honestly, I thought I had colour negative film in the camera, but when I got the images was surprised to find that it was not!

So lesson learned!

Here is one of the images, and let me know what you think of it – does it wor?

I am still on the fence, and not quite sure.  I do like it, but would have preferred it to have been colour negative.  Goes to show that there is a lot more thought required when shooting film and not overly relying on getting the image style you want in post.

Red scale

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Shootin’ stock in the ‘hood!

I have been really inspired to shoot more and more stock since I have discovered that you should never second guess whether an image will be either accepted, and sold.  There are thousands of buyers out there looking for images for all sorts of applications and uses.  There are loads of places that I would love to go to in order to shoot some stock, however, personal circumstances dictate otherwise, so I love exploring what my local neighbourhood has to offer.  And believe you me, there is a lot, not only here, but where you are, too.

Since taking up stock I have been ‘seeing’ more when walking around my neighbourhood, especially when I have my camera.  Now with the added knowledge of stock I have really started to experiment and take my shots to new and different levels just by trying out something new – whether it be angle, or subject for instance.

I seem to be a fan of taking shots to submit them as abstract background textures.  Here are a couple for you that I have taken lately.

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