Summer 2013 : On Film

Hello folks and I hope that this post finds you well on this grey and dreary day?

As some of you regular readers will know I am a big fan of 35mm film.  There are loads of reasons for this, however, one of them is the imperfection, look and feel of pictures which are taken on film as well as (for me) the nostalgia!

I am currently going through my scans from the numerous rolls of film which I took with me, and I wanted to share a picture of my two sons which really stuck out the most and really says what our holiday was all about.  This particular shot was taken on Rollei CR200 through an Olympus Trip 35.


This particular film is especially for cross processing your images.  As you can see it has that old fashioned, classic look!  I have a term with which I describe why film works – the beauty of it is in the imperfection.

I intend to share some more pictures from the holiday once they are all scanned and archived.

What are your thoughts on film? Do you think it is dead? Or do you think that there is still a place for the medium of film?

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Just a quick end of week update

Well it is another end to another week and where in the heck has it all gone?! I feel like the rug of time has been ripped from under my feet leaving me completely stunned!

As those of you who follow my blog are aware I am now incorporating the use of film in my work, as well as for pleasure.  The credit for this goes to a number of people.  The first is a very talented young photographer who specialises in weddings and portraits in the Manchester area, as well as the rest of the world, and that is Adam Johnson of ARJ Photography – click link  He has an amazing talent for both digital and film, and someone who has clearly passed the 35mm and medium format bug onto me!

The other person that I would like to thank is a chap called Phil Kneen, who is a photographer based in the Isle of Mann.  He has recently returned from Canada where he has shot a lot, and I mean, a LOT of photos on film and they are AMAZING! Please check his site out – click link – and you will see why I love his work and it is clearly an influence.

Finally, I had the pleasure of meeting a very talented photographer by the name of Lara Kantardjian – click here.  I am left speechless when I see her pictures all of which have been taken on film! You can see why she is very inspirational whether it is her portraits, still life, or just a random image that can only be described as pure art!

Thank you guys for being so inspirational – I look forward to following your work and shooting more and more film!

Until next time!


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Portraits on Film

Hello and I hope that you are all well?  Last week I shared some images from a shoot I did with actor Mel Mills [click here], where we went into a studio and shot images for his promotional portfolio.  Afterwards, we went to a restaurant and continued the shoot, albeit on film.  I just wanted to share some of those images with you, here.

The first two images were shot on Lomography ISO800 film, whereas images three and four were taken on Rollei ISO400, and the final two were on Ilford HP4 ISO400.  All images were taken using my Olympus OM2n, whereas the Rollei images were shot through my Olympus Trip 35.

Please leave your thoughts and tell me what you think.

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The imperfection of film

Hi and I hope that you are all well?  All good here in the UK although I think winter has been waiting round the corner waiting to pounce on us with the darkness, cold and rain.  For those of you who have seen in the news about the floods around the UK our thoughts here are with those who have been affected.

Mrs O and I were invited to a wedding party the other weekend and I decided to take my Olympus Trip armed with two 36 exposure films.  The films that I took were by Lomography, called Earl Grey, and ISO 400.  Opening the canister and having the smell of the film waft out was really nostalgic, reminding me of the ‘old days’.

The party was held in the garden and we were blessed with a really nice and bright September’s day.   Although bright the light was lovely and soft due to the light cloud cover.  I had to consciously remind myself that I was not shooting digital and that I did not have 300+ odd RAW files to shoot with the option of reviewing images and re taking the shot.

So I looked for small groups of people who were engaged in conversations, children having fun, as well as some details to capture.  I found it quite odd at first as I caught myself out checking the back of the camera when the shot was taken!  I guess the brain has been conditioned to do that!

Out of the 72 images that I took, 8 did not come out and were for the rubbish heap, and I was actually happy with the rest – although 8 went into the rubbish heap, 3 had slight composure issues, but am sure that if cropped carefully can be repaired.

Here are a selection of the images that I took.  I loved these images because they were not sterile crisp images that you get when shooting digital.  This is what I love about film – its imperfection as well as the colours/black and whites that different films/processing can capture.  I can see myself using both digital and film on a very regular basis (however, I think I may be investing in a negatives scanner to save money on developing, though!)

So this is what I learnt –

::Take your time
::Think before you shoot
::Observe groups, and dynamics
::Try to foresee situations that would make good pictures
::Shoot on the exhale

So what are you a digital, or film purist, or like to dabble with both formats?  Feel free to leave your comments about the images, as I know the choices have been subjective but am open to your feedback.

Until next time!


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My venture into Film photography

Hi and I hope that this entry finds you all well?  First of all I would like to thank the new followers to this blog.  I really appreciate you taking the time out to read and view my images.  Thank you!  I have followed you all in return.  If I have not, please send me your link.

Those of you who follow my facebook updates [click here to follow] may have seen that I have taken the step of returning to real photography, using wet 35mm and 120mm film.  Some have asked why, and made a variety of comments.  This post will explain why I have taken the step in shooting film, alongside digital, and what I shoot etc and the results.

When I was growing up I was always fascinated by my dad’s Vivitar 35mm camera (I wish he still had that!) and as the years went on I had cameras, but never could afford the tuition to learn how to make pictures with them.  I would always try to get the long exposure styled images of flowing car headlights only to find that I had a black underexposed image with the odd speck of red and white light! Then with the advent of digital I bought a small compact and as the cliché goes the rest is history.  However, of late I have been following blogs of some very accomplished film photographers and they have really inspired me to get out there and learn.

So what did I get?  Well I bought a Holga 120, my mum found an Olympus Trip 35mm in the loft and I am waiting for an Olympus OM-2n to arrive in the post that I bought on Ebay from an accomplished photographer called Ibraar Hussein.  And Ibraar, I promise to look after this camera as well as you have!

So why did I do it? Well, I kind of felt that I had cheated in photography.  I was getting great feedback for my work, as well as getting very good stock sales.  However, I was feeling that to really consider myself a photographer I should be able to acquire the same if not better images on film.

Alongside that, some of the pictures I have seen from film really have caught my eye, with their vivid colours and styles, as well as the amazing quality of tones you get from the different black and white films on the market.

The Holga arrived first and I took that out for a test shoot.  However, I made a schoolboy error and put a 100 ISO film in the camera and really suffered as a result – a lot of under exposed images.  Fortunately, the girl working at the camera shop owns a Holga and advised me to start off with using 400 ISO film. So I bought a couple of rolls of Ilford 400 ISO film that I have run through the camera and submitted to the lab to be developed.

Now, I think it is only fair to share the bad pictures with you.  As a friend of mine said, this is a very steep, if not pricey, learning curve!

The above image was taken at a local fairground, thinking that all the vivid colours would be captured….

This image should have been an image of passengers reading their papers on a train…

Here’s an image taken using the fish-eye adaptor that came with the camera.  Am quite happy with it, sort of…

That is a ride from the fair that I took.  If only I had a fast film…

Another shot of the local ‘library’ through the fish eye lens.

I look forward to sharing the next batch of images (these were taken on 35mm film on the Olympus Trip) which should be ready for collection on Tuesday 25th Sept 2012.

Thanks for taking the time out to read and I look forward to reading your comments!


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