Shootin’ stock in the ‘hood!

I have been really inspired to shoot more and more stock since I have discovered that you should never second guess whether an image will be either accepted, and sold.  There are thousands of buyers out there looking for images for all sorts of applications and uses.  There are loads of places that I would […]

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London Photo Walk

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting friend and fellow photographer Nick Stubbs.  Some of you may recall I interviewed Nick for this blog about his website, All Things Photography, as well the other strands to his succesful photography business – weddings and stock [click here].  We have been talking about getting together here […]

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Stock Market

I have been working on some more stock photos utilising my favoured and reliable model, my son.  The other week we did a shoot at home with the theme being ‘washing teeth’, ‘baking’, and painting.  I have covered baking before, however, this shoot was going to be a selection of images that have been isolated […]

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Guest Interview – Nick Stubbs

I had the pleasure of interviewing Nick Stubbs, a professional photographer and internet businessman, based in Dorset.  Nick specialises in weddings, stock, and is responsible for one of the most successful internet photography training sites, called All Things Photography. I have been following Nick and his training sites for some time now.  Whilst searching for […]

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Guest interview and promo shoot

I am pleased to say that next month’s guest interview with Nick Stubbs will be on the blog in the first week of March.  Nick is a photographer [click here], webmaster, webmarketeer, e-book author, stock photographer, father, husband, and an all round jolly great guy!  I am sure that you will really enjoy the post! […]

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