My new iPad!

I am slowly moving into the 21st Century and last week I invested in an iPad, something I never really thought I would do.  There are many reasons why I did this and I would like to share the reasons with you, as well as some of the apps that I have decided to download.

The first reason that I invested in an iPad is that I can use it as a showcase for my portfolio.  I have seen other photographers’ iPads where they have uploaded their images and I was extremely impressed with the image quality as well as the ease of navigateing between galleries.  This half term I know what I will be doing with a lot of my time! Going through images and uploading them into the different categories I have created.

The second reason is that I have been sold on a number of photographic related apps.  The principal one being Easy Release [click here].

If you are a portrait/stock photographer, like me, then this is the app for you!  Essentially, this app is an electronic model release.

The main reasons why this is a fantastic app is that replaces inconvenient paper model and property releases with a slick, streamlined application that has been designed by professional photographers for professional photographers. Secondly, Easy Release lets you collect all the data and signatures you need right on your iPad, then mails a PDF and JPEG of the release right to you. For convenience and ease of use: Lets you retrieve model and witness information from your contacts. Finally, Easy Release comes pre-bundled with industry standard model and property releases in 13 languages that are currently in use by leading photo agencies like Getty Images, Alamy and others.

Lastly, the reason that I got the iPad is that it is a really cool bit of kit not only for accessing the web/e-mails etc, but some of the apps for kids are great to keep my 3 and a half year old occupied for hours on end!

As I discover more apps over the forthcoming weeks, I will be sure to review them here on my blog.

Thanks for reading!


PS Thanks to Glyn Dewis [click here] from whom I learnt about the Easy Release app!