Summer Family Shoot

Hi folks and I hope that you are all well?

Not so long ago I was asked to do a family shoot.  I worked with this particular family on a number of previous occasions and wanted to do a location shoot this time as previously we worked indoors (actually that was more to do with the British weather!)

The shoot took place in Roundwood Park and I primarily worked with my Nikon D700 and 50mm lens.

Here are a few images from our session.




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Family Shoot on location

Not so long ago an existing client of mine asked me to do a family shoot with the new addition to their family, baby George.  I was delighted that I was asked to take their family portrait. This shoot, like the last, was done at their home making full use of the natural light coming in through their large windows.

Here are a couple of pictures that I would like to share with you from the shoot.



Promotional Family Photo Shoot

As part of my strategy of getting myself known within the community as a reputable photographer I recently held a free family photoshoot. If the photographs were liked then they could be bought either as frames, prints, or acrylic desk displays.

As I don’t have a studio I made best use of available resources and in this case I rented a room at Graceland’s Yard, Liddle Road, NW10.  As backgrounds I would either use the white wall, or a black coloured sheet.  I was assisted by my friend, and professional photographer, Will Bremridge.

The day went really well.  The clients had an hour slot – which was ample time to get them relaxed and building up a rapport.  I started off with some simple (classic) posing to get people comfortable, and then it was a case of letting couples/families interract and most important… Have Fun!

Here is my favourite image from the day. 

I have been a little bit slack of late…

Dear all

As you may have seen I have been rather slack of late in uploading blog posts.  However, this has been due to the day job keeping me away from both family and the photography.

Over the forthcoming couple of weeks I will be adding a few posts which will include underwater photography and some pictures from a free photo shoot that I did at Graceland’s Cafe, NW10.

Many thanks for taking an interest in my work!


Free photo shoot!

Up until about a couple of months ago my site nw10photography was being hosted by a company called onlinepictureproof, however, it was time to move on.  I took a look at a company based in the USA called bigfolio.  I was introduced to them by Mike Garrard when I took part in a photography course at The Trained Eye.

Having bought the template it was clear that I needed to increase my portfolio and as I love family lifestyle photography I put an add out on netmums to see whether were any parents who were willing to allow me to take pictures of their children in return for using some, or all, of the images for my new site.  I received a large response and narrowed down the numbers to five.  Out of those five only one confirmed, despite me making numerous efforts to make an appointment with the other four families for a FREE shoot!

Here are a few of the images from my photoshoot I did.  A lovely family and the children were more than comfortable to be photographed!

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Baby Benjamin Waters!

Back in October 2009 I photographed the wedding of Roger and Maxine Waters that took place at Dyrham Park Golf and Country Club.  Not long after I had the pleasure of taking pictures of their gorgeous son, Benjamin at their lovely home in Middlesex!

When I got there our shoot was nearly called off as Benjamin was suffering from a bit of colic.  However, after a short nap in his mother’s arms he was a completely different child.  Here are some of the pictures from our afternoon photo session. Enjoy!

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Some early family shoots

I was clearing out my laptop’s hard drive when I came across some of my early work – where I was grabbing anyone and everyone who would allow me take pictures of them and their children to get some practice in!

These were shot on my canon 50D in jpeg, (before I became a RAW evangelist!) using a 70-200mm 2.8 IS. They were either taken in the back garden, or the local park.