London Life

Hi and I hope that you are all well? Wow, what a wet and horrible day it was today…  I had a location shoot planned, however, as those of you living in London are aware it had to be cancelled due to the heavy showers.  So, mum came to the rescue and allowed me to […]

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Happy New Year

Hi Folks and a Very Happy New Year to you all.  First of all I would like to thank all of you who have liked, followed and commented on my blog entries over the last twelve months. Your visits and comments are much appreciated. I was not really sure what and when to post this […]

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Wedding Photography Blueprint 2.0 – New wedding DVD training package by Nick Stubbs

Welcome, and Friday is upon us, again! The weeks seem to be flying past so quickly at the moment with Christmas almost round the corner! I thought I would end the week with a review of a fantastic instructional set of DVDs called the Wedding Photography Blueprint which has been skilfully put together by Dorset […]

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Shootin’ stock in the ‘hood!

I have been really inspired to shoot more and more stock since I have discovered that you should never second guess whether an image will be either accepted, and sold.  There are thousands of buyers out there looking for images for all sorts of applications and uses.  There are loads of places that I would […]

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London Photo Walk

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting friend and fellow photographer Nick Stubbs.  Some of you may recall I interviewed Nick for this blog about his website, All Things Photography, as well the other strands to his succesful photography business – weddings and stock [click here].  We have been talking about getting together here […]

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Stock Market

I have been working on some more stock photos utilising my favoured and reliable model, my son.  The other week we did a shoot at home with the theme being ‘washing teeth’, ‘baking’, and painting.  I have covered baking before, however, this shoot was going to be a selection of images that have been isolated […]

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Recommended microstock agencies

Some of you have been in contact and asked which microstock agencies I submit to after reading the interview I did with Nick Stubbs [Click Here]. Here is a list of the agencies I have succesfully submitted images to and ones that I would highly recommend. Dreamstime Fotolia Bigstock Shutterstock 123RF Each agency has their […]

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