Revisiting old images with new techniques

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I have been making space on my hard drives and whilst looking at the pictures I took some time ago I wanted to edit them using new techniques as well as filters which I have on the new Photoshop CC.  This is an image I took of Kris Sommerville which I retouched using techniques by Glyn Dewis.

The image was taken using one large softbox and making use of the inverse square law to get the background to go dark as it has.  The post processing consisted of a raw conversion, sharpening as well as a different than usual black and white conversion.

Sommerville film noir

I personally love this film noir style because of its striking drama.  It is simple to achieve and very effective.

I based some of the post processing on the following video tutorial by Glyn Dewis

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Maternity Shoot : More pictures

Last week I posted an image from a maternity shoot which I did with a gorgeous couple from Windsor.  The plan was to do some shots inside as well as some outside making full use of the local area.

The house was well lit with natural light as well as having lovely lilac coloured walls which were going to be used as a background for any portraits – although there were some images where I tried using a softbox.  We were lucky as there was an industrial estate not so far from their home where we used the different walls/materials for texture when doing the outside pictures.

Here are a selection of images from the shoot.  All images have been process through LightRoom and then editing applied in PhotoShop CS5.