Builder’s Hands Video Tutorial

Hello and as promised I have recorded a short video tutorial on how I achieved the look in my previous post called BUILDER’s HANDS [click here].

What you will notice is that I have used a similar image, instead of the posted one, and that to save time I walked you through the different layers explaining what I did and why.

Let me know what you think either below or via e-mail

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Stock Photography Video Tutorial : Editing your image

Hi folks and I hope that you are all well?

Over the last few weeks I have been recording a number of video tutorials.  Not easy to do in one take at the moment, but I am sure as I progress they will become a little easier and complete within the one recording.

Not so long ago a friend asked about the process of my stock workflow as he is keen to become a contributor.  So I put together this set of videos which are intended to be a beginner’s guide to taking an image from the RAW capture through to the upload and categorising of the picture at the agency.

The techniques which I regularly use for editing stock images I have learnt from the following – Calvin Hollywood [click here], Glyn Dewis [click here] and AJ Wood [click here].

I am still rather new to the world of video tutorials, so please any constructive feedback will be appreciated either on here, or you can contact me via e-mail

Next time I will be sharing the second part of this tutorial which is keywording your image.

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PSD Box – One to take a look at if you are serious about Photoshop

Hi and I hope that you are all well?

A few days ago I discovered a guy on Youtube called Andrei Oprinca [click here] purely by chance.  I was really wowed with his tutorials that I thought it would be good to share them with you.

Andrei Oprinca has a site called PSD box [click here].  I have only had the time to take a cursory look at this site, but cannot wait to be able to sit down this week and really plough through it and learn some new techniques!

Here is the tutorial that I saw which I wanted to share – I found it very easy to follow and very easy to understand Andrei especially as English is not his first language. There are plenty more on his site and Youtube.  This covers the topic of compositing.

I am sure that if you are into Photoshop, or would like to discover the full potential of the software then please subscribe to him on Youtube/Website etc.

Let me know what you think of the video tutorial you can leave your comments below.

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The Golden Look Technique – Walkthrough

Hi and I hope that you are all well?  Am sitting down in the kitchen typing away and listening to a digital radio station called Smooth Christmas which is really getting me into the spirit of things – as the big day is just over a month away.

Earlier this week I shared an image on the blog which was edited using a distinctive Gold Look that you often see.   Today I would like to give you a step by step walk-through on how I achieved that look.  There are only a few very easy steps, and they all involve the use of 3 Adjustment Layers.

So here you go –

Step 1
Click the Selective Colour adjustment layer and where it says colours select NEUTRALS from the drop down menu.

Step 2
When you have your neutrals showing you need to adjust your CYAN / MAGENTA / YELLOW

-73% CYAN



Step 3
Now you need to add a little contrast to your image so go back to the drop down menu and change from NEUTRALS to BLACKS.

Step 4
Go to the slider marked BLACK and change the value from 0% to about +15%

Step 5
Now return to your adjustment layers and select the HUE and SATURATION adjustment layer.  But before you press it you also need to press your ALT key.
You will see a dialog box appear and where it says MODE change it from NORMAL to SOFT LIGHT and press OK.

Step 6
Click COLORIZE which is a box to the right of three pipettes.  Once you have pressed this go to HUE and adjust it so that you get quite a warm tone.  My settings would be as follows

33 HUE

Step 7
In order to adjust the shadows and lighten the very dark areas you will need to click onto the LEVELS adjustment layer.  Now adjust your levels to suit your image.

What I would recommend is that you play around with the settings as I have found that each image is different, so the values I have given you are just a guide – these are the values I used for the image of Mel Mills [click here].

Let me know how you get on with this technique and please feel free to share a link to your images, as I would love to see how you have put this technique to use.

Thanks for reading!

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London Headshot Photographs :: Emily Goodenough

Hi and I hope that you are all well?

As you know from my Twitter feeds I have recently opened up some places for a free 1 hour headshot session with me so that I can build up my portfolio.  I have had a fantastic response and I am now working out dates and times for those who have replied.

This weekend I had the pleasure of working with Emily Goodenough who got in touch via Twitter.  She is a London based actress who will be appearing in My Fair Lady.

We had a lovely sunny day and went to the local park where we did our shoot.  The plan was to get the must have headshots out of the way, and then to do some portraits and experiment with settings and backgrounds.

The gear was simple : Nikon D3s, 85mm lens and a reflector.

I have enclosed a sample image from our shoot.  The processing was two-fold and simple – Sharpening in RAW, adjusted the clarity, blacks, and reduced the saturation fully.  In Photoshop I adjusted the levels, dodged and burned the eyes, and smoothed the skin very slightly.

Let me know your thoughts on this image.

I am currently taking bookings for headshots and offering a discounted rate.  So get in touch if you would like to take advantage of this limited offer which expires on the 1st December 2012.

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The wife

Hi and I hope that this post finds you all well?

Just a quick post – here is an image I wanted to share of the gorgeous Mrs O getting ready before we set out to a wedding the other week

This was a very simple shot taken on my Nikon D700, 50mm lens and at f1.4.  A very simple conversion to black and white in LR.

Our next blog post will feature a couple of images from my headshot portfolio builders that I am currently doing.

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Sharpening Techniques : Avoiding Halos

Here is another sharpening technique I use following on from the previous technique that I wrote about [] – whereas the first one can produce halos, that can be dealt with, this one does not.
Step 1 Open the image you would like to sharpen in Photoshop and apply the unsharp mask sharpening technique I showed you here [link]
Step 2 Go under the Edit menu and choose Fade Unsharp Mask
Step 3 Change the Fade dialogue’s pop up menu from Normal to Luminosity
What this technique will do is apply sharpening just to the Luminosity areas of your photograph and now the coloured areas, which results in no colour halos appearing and anything else that could spoil the image as a result of sharpening.