Andrew Stone Shoot for the Well Child Charity

Last week I was asked to do a photo shoot with Andrew Stone, whom you may remember watching on Louie Spence’s Showbusiness and Pineapple Dance Studios, for the charity Well Child, of which Andrew is a celebrity ambassador.

We met at the Sofitel Hotel, Waterloo Place, and did the shoot in one of the meeting rooms.  The intention was to get a handful of images of Andrew holding a plain white card on a white background.  The designers at Well Child would then add text/image on to the front of the card and use the image on their web site.

The kit which I used for the shoot was going to be two speed lights – one of which was going to be fired at the rear wall to make it white, and the main speed light was to be fired into a reflective umbrella at Andrew.  I also had a reflector to eliminate any shadow areas that may have appeared.

After some test shots the settings that I used were

ISO 200

Umbrella Flash
¼ Power

Rear Flash
½ Power

Here are a couple of the images that were submitted to be chosen for the Well Child website.  Over he next week, I will be receiving the final image/s with the added text/image, and I will post it for you.

After the main shoot we had some time to do something a little bit different where I darkened everything and made use of my grid spot.  The following images have been edited and 3 different styles.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and please feel free to leave your comments.